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From what I can gather about myself and my concerns about how I'll handle this emotionally, I felt that the best way, early on, for me to deal with what jealousy issues I'm certain I will encounter, will be if that what relationships we pursue beyond each other be, well, as a team. I'm making the assumption that I'll be more accepting of additional people in the relationship if I also am very familiar with them, as opposed to them being some remote acquaintance that she met somewhere. As you said, I expect that as I grow more comfortable with the system, things will change to a more practical one. But for now, as I'm still very much new to the concept emotionally I asked her that we pursue everything as a team, and she is happy to oblige.

I don't want to assume that I will be mono dating her in the end, as I mentioned I really have nothing against the idea, I've merely never considered it. I plan to leave all of my options open, and she is much happier that I am. Her ideal poly relationship would involve, well I guess a group. I don't know terminology for these sorts of things yet, but basically the more romantically and emotionally attached to each other we all are, the better. Both she and I are less comfortable with what I can only describe as a variety of interconnected pairings.

I recognize I may not be emotionally capable of following suit on her ideal relationship but I'm willing to give it a try. Only time will tell.
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