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So then....

Audrey and her sister, Vera, have been going out for sister dates at this local place because they have liberal policy about serving her drinks. She's still just 20, but as they have a bar/restaurant and the two of them are attractive young females paying for booze...she gets served. No big deal. We drink at the house and I have no problem with that.

The last time they went out she said she'd chatted up one of the waiters who was quite cute. He got her number and they were talking by text. I leave it alone. That's her business. A week rolls around and it's time for the next sister date. I asked if she was meeting anyone there and she said no. The waiter was going to be off work that night and wasn't coming as far as she knew. Of course he just happened to show up. No biggie. She can date who she wants.

They left for the date at 3 p.m. and over the 8 hours she was gone, I might have gotten 3 texts. She'd remember me...text once...then not respond for hours. Meanwhile, Cinderella and I were home cleaning the house that we ALL live in. (There is no Cinderella actually. I made that part up.) Not fun, but necessary.

I've gotten 1000x better at being alone and not focusing on what she's doing when she's out. I really have made progress. I don't need hand holding or other stuff, mainly because I have several projects that need working on. I do still have issues with being alone and need to get much better at that. But as far as her being out without's a lot easier. I mean let's face it, 99% of her time she's with me or alone at my house. Who am I to complain?

Back to our story in progress. It's 11 o'clock and who comes barreling into my upstairs bedroom, drunk as a skunk, and being held up by her sister? Yep. It's Audrey. She's cute as all get out...slurring her words and needing help walking. Her sister helps me get her undressed and into our bed. I sit with her to see if she needs water or medicine...and after about 20 minutes she passes out. I head downstairs to talk to the sister about what all went down to get her so drunk...and guess who is in my a t-shirt and his underware with his pants in my sink? This waiter guy.

I don't like to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty smooth under pressure. Not that this was exactly pressurized, but I sure as hell wasn't expecting to see homeboy in my house, late at night, and semi-naked. He had "helped" the sister get Audrey home and apparently there was some wine on his pants that someone had spilled so he was cleaning his pants. From the looks of it, he was taking his sweet time with it and wasn't going anywhere.

Now I don't know about you, but when I'm over at someone else's house, I introduce myself and try to be polite. This guy wasn't having any of that. No introduction, no "hey man thanks for letting me clean my pants", no nothing. And he was gruff to me the entire time.

Vera finally stammered out an introduction after some time and along with the other upstairs renter, Minou, we all stood around the kitchen and talked. Mainly it was Vera and The Waiter talking. He made the mistake of telling her that it was football and football players like him that made band possible. Oh hell. She's a life-long band person and even teaches band for extra money. She's damn good at it and is one of the most talented musical people I've ever known.

As can happen, this argument turned into something quasi-flirty. And then back to quasi-argumentative, and back and forth the whole night. I took it upon myself to convince Minou to put his pants in the dryer as they weren't going to get any better. He wasn't paying attention and could have cared less. He didn't want to go anywhere anytime soon.

We took the party out onto the porch, but in kind of a natural way (I guess), Vera and The Waiter sat and talked on one side of the porch, while Minou and I sat on the other and talked. I found out from Minou that Audrey had told him at least something about who I was, though I'm still not totally sure what. She told him she did have someone, but we were in an open relationship. But the explanation of "where she lived" was a bit muddled. I owned the house, but she came over to be with her sister? Minou said that I was somewhere or possibly the main explanation for why she came over, as presented to this guy, but Minou was frankly terrible at decyphering the telephone game. Remember, Minou wasn't on the sister date, so I'm not sure how she got all this info. From Audrey? From Vera? From The Waiter? It's weird.

I found out that he is leaving at the end of July for California, which makes sense. He was out in the front yard with Vera at 2 in the morning trying to teach her yoga and about positivity. When they came back up on the porch he dropped some jargon about kundalini yoga...where upon I made a joke about cunnilingus. Taking himself too seriously he attempted to correct me, but I told him I knew what he was talking about, just making a joke. Minou told me later he looked like an ass when he tried to correct me.

So we all kind of orbited each other, but the weird thing was that Vera and The Waiter were really vibing on each other! He was supposed to be so head over heels for Audrey, but Minou, a trained therapist, said their body language was indicative of people very interested in each other. I totally saw it and it was pretty flabbergasting.

I'd forgotten to tell you that earlier in the evening the guy had to pee, so he walked into the house and just walked upstairs in my house to "find a bathroom." I didn't trust this guy with my companion passed after a beat or two I followed him up. He had cracked open my bedroom door and must have seen Audrey totally passed out. He walked across the hall and was about to enter the closed door of Minou's suite. Minou had not given him permission to go in (I checked), and so I asked him not to go in there. He kept going, and even had to knock down some of the bags and suitcases she uses on the other side of the door to keep it from opening. Not cool man! You just don't walk around someone's house, uninvited, snooping and pushing stuff over and doing what you want. At least I wasn't raised that way.

He wasn't going to listen to me, so I just went back into my bedroom and hungout for awhile. I went back down again later and nothing was said about the whole incident. At least not out in the open. Minou and I talked about it with Vera, and it was agreed that that wasn't cool. I know why he went up there. He wanted to see if he still had a chance with Audrey. That's the whole reason why he came home with them. A drunk girl...going to her house for the night. Who knows what could happen, right? I found out that they had at least kissed earlier that night. It could have been more. I don't know. Honestly I don't care.

What does bother me is when some sketchy guy, trying to "seal the deal" comes home with my drunk companion, keeps trying to see if he can get it in, disrespects me in my own home, and then...moves on to the sister to see if he can get anywhere with her too.

Weirdly, Vera said, finally, she was going to bed, so Minou and I decided to pack it in too. Vera was almost all the way into her room with the door shut, but when she saw we were leaving him out on the porch (after some pleasantries) she went back out and apparently they spent a lot of time out there.

The next morning, Audrey woke up with a wicked hangover and quite embarrassed at how sloppy drunk she'd gotten. I told her she had nothing to worry about and we've all been there, but she still felt bad. She asked me what happened and I recounted everything I've typed above. Her reaction was much cooler than I thought it would be. I mean, I wasn't expecting a bad one, but she basically said she didn't think she was going to see that guy again and she was sorry it all went down like that. Wow. That's partnership. That's teamwork. That's trust.

I know that he's texted her since then and that she has politely declined to meet, though she did tell him she might reschedule. But that's really just a nice way of blowing him off. Sure, something could rekindle, but I doubt it.

We'll see. I still don't like the guy. And it's because of how rude and creepy he was.
Me - male, 42, poly, straight, in a serious relationship with Audrey, also casually dating.

Audrey - female, 20, poly, pansexual, also casually dating.
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