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Haven't been around these parts in awhile. Mostly I came when I was feeling badly for support...and then to lend some support myself...but I havent been around much.

As I've put a lot of time and effort into this recounting of my love life, I thought I'd update it for thousands of people who find it entertaining

Audrey and I have been in a complete state of bliss for the longest time. The two events I'm going to decribe havent changed that, if that's what you're thinking. We've got an awesome life filled with redecorating the house, gardening, going thrifting, seeing movies, eating out, playing with our lovable pooches and just having a great time.

None of that changes the fact that we are poly, of course. We both still mess around with dating apps like Tinder and Sway and PoF and OKC. Mostly just for stimuli and conversations. I'd still rather be monogamous, but I can't deny that I have the impulse to be with other women, so I entirely understand that impulse from someone younger and less experienced.

Recently two interesting events took place.

About a week ago, Audrey was contacted by an out-of-town photographer for a photoshoot. He was going to be here covering an event/shooting a commercial and wanted a model to do some portfolio/portrait work. Her rates are usually $150/hr clothed/lingerie and $250/nude. He haggled her down to $125 per hour of nude portraiture. She usually gets her rate without asking, but as this is her slow season, she went with it. She said he was kind of cute and looked like Adam Levine from Maroon 5 so that wasn't a bad plus. He was cool with there being an escort (me) and the shoot would be at his hotel room. To some that might sound sketchy, but it's a very typical place to shoot for portfolio work. The week before we'd done a shoot with a different photographer on a railyard platform at 5:30 am and I much preferred this over that. Well sort of.

Audrey was worried about being unprofessionally late, as the original time was 7:30, but the guy delayed which was great because we needed to go to Wal-Mart to buy black, lace hose for the shoot. As always, glammed up and stomping through Wal-Mart in stilettos, she looked like a billion dollars, tax-free. People were literally staring and there was probably drool. I think she's gorgeous with no makeup and no styling, but the girl cleans up well too.

The guy met us outside the hotel and we talked out there. He did, in fact, look like Monsieur Levine. He was a bit quiet, but very mannered and pleasant, making small talk until he asked if she felt comfortable enough to do the shoot. She was so it was time to go inside. He said that because he had been flown there by his job to do other work and there were lots of other photo-journalists around, we had to be careful. He told me the room number, they went up together first, and then I did. I knocked on the door and everything was cool. She had already told me that he wanted to shoot with them alone, which happens every now and again. I get it...he's an artiste and he doesn't want interruptions. As cramped as the room was, I'd have been in the way anyway. I will say that usually when they ask for a closed set I can talk my way into staying.

So I sat outside the room, sitting against the wall and watching streaming tv shows. She had said it was only one hour, so when it got to be an hour and a half, I knocked on the door. I didn't want to interrupt, but I did want to make sure she was safe. Nothing in my brain was thinking jealousy or even about sex. He came to the door immediately, camera in hand and I asked if they were close to wrapping up. Politely, but quickly he told me he had booked her for two hours. Surprised and a bit pissed at Audrey, I went downstairs.

About 15 minutes later she came down to the lobby, innocent and smiling. She could tell something was off, so she began to inquire. I explained about the time and she swore she told me it was two hours, but she didn't fight me on it and began to apologize. I let it go as it was irritating, but things happen. That's when I noticed her lipstick smudged. I looked her in the eye and asked her how it went. She shot me a smirk back...and said "Ok, I guess."

She proceeded to tell me how things went. He was very professional and took some great shots (I still haven't seen them). She said there was a vibe there from the start where they both just started smiling at each other. He got really, really complimentary and then at one point in the middle of the shoot, he kissed her. One thing led to another and there was some sexual activity. Not sex, but some hot and heavy stuff.

The story gets kind of weird because at one point he offered her money to do more than they were doing, at which point she told him, "I'm not a hooker." That didn't seem to end the sexy-fun time though. And eventually after he finished, they went back to doing the photoshoot. She told me that she didn't finish herself at all and it was all kind of weird.

She explained all this to me at Waffle House (I asked her to pay) while I was fuming. Look, get your rocks off, I don't care about that. Honestly, that wasn't it. But was I was pissed at was I waited waaaay longer than expected and I waited for the two of them to get sexy?!? No man. Too far. Too freaking far.

She apologized a few times, but clammed up because she didn't know what she should do beyond apologize. I've been there. You've fucked up and you're sheepish about it. You don't want to make it worse and you don't know what to say. I explained that I just needed a bit more of an apology and to truly hear that she saw my side of things, as well as know why I was angry. She apologized profusely and we worked through it, but boy was I mad at the time.
Me - male, 42, poly, straight, in a serious relationship with Audrey, also casually dating.

Audrey - female, 20, poly, pansexual, also casually dating.
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