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Default Here is something sweet.

Ok so this is something that happened to me last night. Please feel free to share your sweet moments after mine (I noticed there was a lot of down posts so wanted to share something a bit nicer.)
Last night I was getting boyfriend started on True Blood, and I needed to go get something upstairs. So I go I get it, and I decided not to turn the light in for the stairs...(this was my great screw up! I'm aware lol!) well I missed the last stair and took a header onto concrete. (Basement) boyfriend came running and did a BRILIANT first aid assessment. And he took care of me and even layed down next to me till I got through the shock of the pain (freaky low pain tolerance here, and I tore something in my left foot for sure. So I wasn't in good shape) then he helped me get upstairs. And he stayed with me and cracked jokes and insisted I eat some chocolate while we watched funny movie reviews (That Guy With The Glasses) till I was able to go to sleep, and he helped me to bed. He has been a real sweetheart and is helping take care of my daughter and dogs today even though he didn't get much sleep. I love him. I really do! And as soon as I can walk again (I'm doing something akin to limping and trying not to fall at the moment lol) I'm going to do something special for him

Ok now your turn!
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