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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I haven't been through that, but I can say that we have a rule that before a second date can be had with anyone, the person has to be told of our dynamic, which means that they know about us.

Personally I feel that honesty being so important to the key understanding of what Polyamory is means that one must be honest with themself and ALL of their partners or potential partners.

In our situation we've extended that to everyone in our life....
I agree with you 100%, I think that's why it doesn't feel right to me. To be blunt he is on the younger side (27 and I'm 32). He is honest with me but not with her. When I had my secondary partner, he was aware of my situation. I believe in honesty as well.

He stated he will tell her if she is around for any length of time. Just strikes me as a bit uncaring.
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