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Default Secondary doesn't know about me (primary)...what to do

So this is all still new to me...been in an open relationship for about a year. We call each other boyfriend/girlfriend, go on trips, spend holidays together etc...

Even though our relationship has always been open, he has just started to explore it now. I've only had one other partner since we started dating.

It concerns me a bit, that he hasn't told this girl who he has been dating for about 2 months about our open relationship. I have stuff over at his place that he hides whenever she comes over. He has told her it is casual and he is seeing other people.

To be fair, I do know every aspect of their relationship because he has told me. But something just doesn't feel right in my gut. Shouldn't he be honest with her and not lead her on?

From what I know about her, I know she does want a monogamous relationship but she's agreed to a casual one with him.

Has any one else been through something like this...I sure haven't figured out all the answers
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