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Re (from opalescent):
"How is lovely Seattle?"
It's pretty sweet. Winter was mild, and most of June has been rather cool especially in the mornings and evenings.

Re: "Am I [fill in blank]?" ... you mean like "Am I poly?" Perhaps some people think, "If I'm not poly, then I probably don't belong on this poly forum." But I admit sometimes I wonder if the word "poly" isn't actually a badge of specialness and people want to get official permission from the "poly community" to wear the badge. People make too much of a big deal about "being poly;" it's not really that big a part of our lives and personalities (in most cases). Most polys have the same old boring relationship issues that non-polys do.

Polyamory isn't accepted by mainstream society but I think it's very popular amongst the "underground youth." Like you almost have to "officially be poly" in order to fit into a certain in-crowd. If it was more spread around into the light of day I suppose people wouldn't make as big of a deal about it.
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