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I asked Samaki if it was OK if I posted a bit of my side of how things went down on here and she was OK with that. So I'm the 6.5 year SO described above.

Firstly I'd like to thank you all for taking some time in discussing her feelings with her. We spend a lot of our time talking about that and I know that it has helped for her to get outside advice. Honestly, I was hoping that she would post here earlier because that may have altered the trajectory of her other relationship. But I'm proud that she's decided to share and explore her feelings in a somewhat public setting.

For me, I just want us to have a happy and healthy relationship no matter how that looks or works. She has always been a person that loves sex and we have had a lot of fun with other people sexually. So I didn't have any jealousy issues to deal with during this.

The relationship thing has happened a few times in the past but before it was usually a feeling that lasted a week or was with someone that she couldn't actively pursue. This time, it was with someone close and available so I think it caught her more by surprise than anything else. And to be fair to the guy, he wasn't a horrible person. We actually hung out all together a lot and we always had a good time. Honestly, I think he was more surprised that he actually liked pursuing this as much as he did.

It was a bit strange to me because I think he has an easier time communicating with other guys than with women. So often we would all be talking together and they would say a lot more to each other than they would if they were alone. From that, I figured that the long term prospects were not going to be the greatest. He also had some issues with her and my sex life and did some semi-jerky things in bed that didn't inspire me with much confidence in his ability to cope and adapt.

For her, she really did want to have a long term thing with him if he was willing to take it one day at a time. One of the greatest things about her is that she loves to experience new things and is very open and honest about every part of her life. I think that is a wonderful feature in a person and it was sad for me to see that someone wouldn't appreciate it the way that I felt that they should.

The future is a big "who knows" right now (except for us, that's is and always has been "always" thing, thankfully). So thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope that the feedback will help grow us as people and help us grow our relationship.
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