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I simply had an inkling that I needed more to ever be happy in a relationship. I didn't think of anything in particular but asked that I be able to love someone/s more and over and above my husband. I knew that after 10 years of identifying as a lesbian I would begin to miss women again and also could not see myself only having sex with the one man I married for the rest of my life.

I guess I don't ever think in terms if concrete, just ask for what will be enough and for what will make me feel satisfied. In harming none and helping all. I do this with everything... I need to have healthy food and a roof over my head etc.... I need to feel like I am moving forward in life too and accomplishing happiness, good health, satisfaction and the feeling of wealth that comes with that. If I do everything in terms of making sure I feel like that and keep others in mind there is nothing that can stop me. It has never failed me.

I have not come into poly because of trying to make it fit me and I have not tried to make certain scenarios fit. I have tried to make certain people fit, I will admit to that, but am learning and have been taught many lessons so far. I leave it up to my fate and good faith that what happens is meant to be and is what is good for everyone around me. What else is there really.
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