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I'm not seeing the reason why it would be your last?

As you mentioned, the other guy was a poor communicator. So if your first boyfriend ever had been a poor communicator, would you have sworn off dating for good?

One idea for next time could be to take it more slowly and getting a feel for his communication skills before it gets too far.

More importantly, how did it go for you and the boyfriend of 6 1/2 years?

One of the great things about poly is you can have "NRE" (new relationship energy) while maintaining the comfortable stability of a long-term relationship.

If your ideal setup is the one long-term relationship with a series of side flings, I would probably suggest being honest about that with any new partners: that you're not looking for a second long-term relationship. That way they're not investing too much long-term energy into something only to have the rug pulled out.
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