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Originally Posted by Zanie View Post
I could have phrased that better.

People join the SCA for all kinds of reasons. Because they like to dress up in funny clothes and hang out with their friends. Because they are drawn to other people with "alternative" worldviews. Because they are deeply and passionately interested in researching medieval crafts, philosophy, or arts. Because they love making their own costumes "from sheep to dress". And because they have heard from various people (including me, I guess :P ) that there are many folk in the SCA who practice various kinds of alternative relationship styles.

That's not often (I would guess) the first reason someone joins the SCA, however, so I should have said:

"If you are interested in these kind of non-mainstream hobby groups you may also find they attract other people interested in exploring non-monogamous relationship styles".

I could have phrased it better too - when I said "social stuff" I really meant all the stuff that doesn't have to do with medieval-ism, not just the dating/sex stuff.

Sorry about that.
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