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I appreciate the responses. I am also a very emotional person and have felt like I have lost control of my emotions. I think having some feedback from somewhere else has helped me feel less emotional, in a good way. I realize i should have spoken with a bit more clarity to a better picture of our situation and more detail.

We both have actually read quite a bit about polyamory, and it is in my nature to think of the worst possible scenarios. I personally did not feel as if I had much control of how the situation was approached. I vented my concerns constantly about the other woman involved and who wasn't aware of what was going on. I wish I had approached the situation more assertively as I tend to take a backseat and let others decide things for me. Ultimately, I am responsible for myself, and I can accept that.

We thought this woman would be good for both of us. Her personality brings out certain qualities of ourselves. We were going into this thinking of building a family unit. I think things have just moved too fast and under a bad circumstance for me to handle without letting my emotions get the best of me.

I guess I am so emotional because I am normally a very safe person and I don't like to take unnecessary risk and this other woman is much more spontaneous than I. My husband is an intelligent man but I felt he was being so reckless and inconsiderate having unprotected sex with this woman.

Him and I were our first and only until this situation, so perhaps I am just feeling jealous but I feel kind of violated.
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