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Originally Posted by samaki82 View Post
"I love certain parts of you."

"You know what I want, but it doesn't matter." (something like that anyway)
This is an insecurity response. I do this to when I am trying to hide my true emotions without communicating them. We feel like we aren't "supposed" to feel or communicate. So we bottle it up and respond with stupid statements like this. My wife goes along with it, our best friend (arg still hard) beats me up when I do this. She never lets me get away with self despising statements like this.

or the one that should have ended it for good, but I gave him another chance was when I was hanging out with my SO and another guy FRIEND, he said

"Well you have 2 guys here" implying that I had the intent to sleep with them and didn't need him there.
He has insecurities. I know when I talk to my wife about how she is feeling insecure all I can do is try to convince her it is not a puzzle I am trying to match together by finding one tetris piece (girl a) and a second tetris piece (girl b) and build the perfect tetris girl. The two people I have fallen in love with, I fell in love with because of my feelings for them. It had nothing to do with "completing me"

I don't if you needed to end it for good, but he needs to figure out how to be secure in your relationship with him and potential relationships without him

Your addiction to NRE (new relationship energy) is common. Its almost drug like in its addiction and can be equally awesome and toxic...
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