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OH, ok.

You seemed to start off very upset, but then I got confused!!

That's ok. If you see my posts-some of them are so confusing rambles that I get lost re-reading them! The joys of journaling.

Personally I prefer to do it on here, because at least there is a chance SOMEONE can make sense of my mind-where as when I write in an actual journalbook-it's just me.

SO-we got off to a rough start,
Welcome to the board!

I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable! Totally not my intention at all!

I live in Alaska-been on the board since September I think.... Met some WONDERFUL people on here. I'm in a poly-relationship (V) that has its struggles as all do. I have 4 kids (eek oldest is 18, youngest is 2).

And you? I'd love to hear more about you-bridge the gap a little. I hope you accept my proffered olive branch.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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