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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Emotions are important, however, if you want to make sensible decisions-you have to take yourself out of the heat of the emotion to consider it and think it through.

I didn't say that relationships are ONLY about planning.

Emotions ARE important, but so is self-introspection.
Relationships are work.
Marriage is MORE work.
Poly is EVEN MORE work.

If one has a tendency to allow their emotions to drive their actions, instead of maintaining control over their behavior themselves, they aren't going to succeed at relationships, be they marriage, dating, mono, poly or whatever.

It wasn't meant to be a cruel post-but seeing as I'm not new to open relationships and I am successful in them; as I'm not struggling with communication, or low self-esteem, or jealousy, or fear of the unknown;
BUT I HAVE IN THE PAST and I MANAGED TO OVERCOME IT SUCCESSFULLY and to maintain successful relationships....

It stands to reason I might not be so "full of shit" as you think I am.

Thank you for explaining and I apologize for being so bold with my reaction. I see where you are coming from and I agree that you shouldn't let your emotions drive your decision. I wish you would have included the amount of work that these types of relationships take in your first post. I hope that they can talk about things and work through it somehow.
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