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The relationship status on Guy's profile finally got to me to the point where I had to talk to him about it. Fortunately for me, he and Hubby both understand that depression does wonky things to my brain sometimes, so he recognized that it wasn't me trying to control him or manipulate him. I said a few times that *I* felt like I was, but that it wasn't my intention, and he kept telling me *he* didn't feel like I was acting that way and I needed to stop being so hard on myself.

Basically, in his mind, it was a very simple issue with a very simple solution. So he changed his profile; he eliminated the section with the relationship status, body type, religion, etc. and added in a narrative bit in which he says he has a long-distance, long-term girlfriend who is also on the site.

He told me when we talked yesterday that he would change it, and to stop apologizing for asking. He didn't actually tell me he *had* changed it; I found out this morning when I was on OKC.
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