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Default Introduce Myself

I go by EvilKnight. Alias I have had for a few decades. Kind of an oxymoron of the white knight motif. I divorced a few years ago and have recently been doing the online dating sites (OKC: EvilKnight also). I typically skip profiles espousing polyamory. They mostly struck me as sounding too aloof about relationships. Might have just been avoiding the worst of bad messaging...

Anyway, I did read one that sounded sweet and had a nice question of my views. I struck up a conversation and now find myself dating and developing a relationship with a poly woman. I have met her husband and significant other and they are nice guys. I find myself not put off by the situation. It seems like it could be complicated especially for the people juggling the concerns of multiple partners. I do like the openness and communication that is actively maintained. It can feel very contractual and business-like at times .

I am here to explore and see how people make it work.

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