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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Seriously, though, it's rough figuring out how far out of the closet to get with whom. I just want to live my life without worrying that someone'll try to take the kids I don't have yet, or get one of us fired... Ugh.

For the most part, I'm just out. I find it hard to give a DAMN what anyone else thinks in terms of who I'm in love with.

BUT this medical crisis in Maca's family is pulling in people who haven't a clue. His dad and brother know, because they are close to our family. They HAD to know for us to be able to live comfortably.
However, his mom doesn't even know that our littlest one is a "sperm donor" baby, she only knows she exists because she read the birth announcement in the paper! She's only ever seen our youngest son one time and that was at court when she was fighting with Maca's ex-wife... not really a "family social event" if you know what I mean.

His sister, whose husband is in the hospital has always been very close to her mother, so we haven't really had any contact with her in years either. They keep tabs on each other through their dad, but they don't often actually talk to one another... the last time they saw each other was when Maca took dad down to tell her he had stomach cancer (got that in remission years ago thankfully).

Having to talk about WHAT do we tell them if anything, WHEN do we tell them IF we tell them. SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Then as if that weren't enough there is GG's sister from Alabama who is up this week visiting. She knows about the baby being her brother's biological child. But she doesn't know about the poly. She's only here one week-so it kind of seems pointless. But at the same time, hanging out with her was SO awkward yesterday! She's VERY nice, sweet girl. But I ended up getting up and taking a walk with Maca because I just couldn't sit there anymore trying to "behave".
I am such a naturally affectionate person.

I HATE having to "reign" that in.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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