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So, one of Susan's troubles is that her local bf of the last decade is dying of cancer. At this point he only has a few days left.

I have offered on two occasions to come spend a few days with her to help her through losing him. Not for us to be together, but so that she has transportation if she needs it, odds and ends taken care of, and someone to hold her when she feels like it. At the same time I'd completely respect her privacy when she wants to grieve alone.

She is non-committal. She would love me there, I'm sure, but it would add stress that she would be obligated to spend time with me. No matter how much I assure her that isn't the case on my end, the time and expense can't be ignored.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm leaning away from not going, as we've already discussed spending time together later this year. I feel this is her decision to make, not mine, regardless of whether she wants me to make it for her.
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