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There was a discussion or two here, awhile back, about divorcing to level the playing field for all partners, if people are truly committed to an egalitarian approach to polyamory. I seem to recall it being a rather threatening idea to a few unicorn hunters, of course, but I thought it a brave and logical proposal. Kudos to you for taking such steps!

I was always anti-marriage until I met someone and gave in to the fantasy. I am now in the process of divorcing but it was not my choice and the painful process began before I embraced polyamory. I do know that I will not likely ever marry again. I am going to steal your phrase "sexual free agent" if anyone asks me why not!

Thanks for starting this topic - I hope Marcus chimes in, as what you did seems to me to be the epitome of "relationship anarchy" andd he always has some compelling and thought-provoking things to say about that.
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