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Originally Posted by katydid View Post
I do talk a lot to my girlfriend but virtually everything between her husband and I comes through her. He is very good to me and we talk easily about everyday things, but very little seriously. It's more like kids in that respect, gifts, gestures of affection, etc. I feel very connected to him, but we sometimes joke that he and I are like 4th graders, lots of teasing, but little actual communication. The rest of us (my husband included) talk more easily about things. .
hmmmm...ever hear of the telephone game ...things get miscommunicated when you try to use someone else, even by accident.

I also read this in another forum about a similar situation...the other woman, may come at some point, to resent being the communicator between the two of you. You should have your own relationship and communication with the other husband.

ok...we must all be posting in the exact timestamp, I can't find where the heck I quoted this from ha
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