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Default A little help please...

You know, it was hard for me to think of a title for this because well, I have no idea what to call this thread, all I know is that I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience and if so how did you handle it.....

With our last partner, a woman my husband and I loved very dearly, we were always trying to put things on an equal level with everyone. What I mean by this is that we wanted her to feel that she was an equal part of our relationship, ie, getting her opinion on decisions, inclusion is day to day activities and so on. All this was made more difficult by the fact that she wanted to live on her own to put on the outter appearance of being "normal" for her seriously religious mother but at the same time wanted to be an avid part of our relationship. We took all steps that we could think of to take to let her know she was an equal with us, or more importantly with me, as a sister wife should be but she was insistant that she was and would remain the "third" person. We wanted her to be an equal but she couldn't get past the fact that we had been a married couple for years before she came along. I think this is part of the reason our relationship didn't last which is very upsetting because she was the one we thought would be with us forever and the one we loved dearly.

Do any of you know what can be done to help make someone understand that though we are married we do have enough love to include them and love them as an equal? Can this be done?
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