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It's gay pride week, and all kind of events are going on to celebrate. I've been trying to get involved, though, honestly, when I see two pretty women together, I get almost painfully jealous because I have no woman in my life, and because the last woman I let into my heart just about broke it.

I'm a naturally shy person, so I'm proud of myself that I texted my gay friends and asked them to invite me to anything they were up to. I had a nice time yesterday hanging with a bi/lesbian acquaintance who I've always had a crush on (but who has a very jealous girlfriend.) She let me hang with her while she DJ'd an event. Tomorrow I'll join some friends at the gay pride parade.

As a bisexual woman married to a man, I often feel invisible to the GLBT community. Lately, I find myself wanting to be more "out," in part so I can "advertise" to potential girlfriends, but also because my love for women really is a big part of my identity, and many of the most intense loves of my life have been women. But I'm not entirely certain how to go about it. My identity as a woman in a heterosexual marriage is obvious to everyone: It's written on my facebook status, worn on my ring finger, spoken in my last name. But there's this whole other part of me, and I want to find a way to show that too.

Last night, my hairdresser, a cute single mother I've always suspected is bi showed up at the gay karaoke bar where I was with my husband and some friends. She pulled me onto the dance floor, and when I protested that I can't dance, she "led" me. I gave in and let her twirl me in her arms. Felt delicious. I might have to go get my hair done this week
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