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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
A more important question is, "what do you think of a person getting back together with an ex lover" and my answer to that, for either a mono or poly person, is "Bad bad idea." I never understand why people think it will work any better the second time. People break up for a reason, and most second runs end the same way as the first ones.
I hear the logic and reason in this statement, but it doesn't apply to me and I would assume that for anyone like me who simply is not wired for monogamy, this statement might not apply to them either. My relationships broke up because we were trying to label them as "lifetime monogamous" relationships and I can't seem to sustain a relationship more than 3 years with that label on it.

But the relationships themselves were good, healthy, open, honest and full of trust and respect. That's why I still see 5 of my ex's. I'm not sexual with one of them, but he wants me to go on a cruise with him, so who knows what might happen!!!
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