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Well, I do feel that it was forced in a way, because I agreed to her moving in on a trial basis, but then there was no trial period because she got pregnant right away. But that's in the past and I need to get over it. I could equally say to her that nothing was forced on her, she knew that that room was the only space available before she moved in, so she should deal with it. But that would not be helpful; it doesn't change the fact that space is a big problem.

Thank you for your post FullofLove. Yes, they are still together. The anger, when she's having an episode, is directed at both me and my husband, and is obvious to the children as well. But when she's feeling better there is still underlying anger and tension directed only at me. My husband just wants us to work it out. He wants to avoid her moving out at all costs, but on the other hand, when she's been acting crazy he's told her several times that if she keeps it up she has to go. Then it gets better for a while but it always goes to hell again. His only real idea is renovating the garage. So we are taking on a huge amount of debt that we can't really afford in the hopes that it's going to save our situation. God I hope it works.
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