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It can happen-and it's certainly naive to think otherwise;
but it's NOT as common here as it is in other places.
People here are much more.... anti-anyone in their business.

I've been out about being bi-and poly for years-no one gives a rip.
My closest childhood friend lives in the same town as the OP-and was out, also worked for the public school district there-no one cared.

People here are much more prone to thinking that people should mind their own business and not get into other peoples business.
This is the place where the "oddballs" who don't fit into American society run off to. Not saying that's the ONLY people here, but it's a strong majority.

Honestly-I wouldn't put a whole lot of worry into it. I'm not saying go to the school and tell them the whole story, I'm just saying that it's unlikely that people are going to ask.

The op has already said she's prone to the "not lying but not offering" information.
Honestly-that's a good pathway here.

My sister is also poly. She works for the state day care assistance program. Again-no one cares.

We aren't a strong political state.
We aren't a strong religious state.
We're a very liberal state in terms of legality.

No one is willing to give up their guns.
No one is willing to give up their freedom.
No one wants the government involved in their business.
No one ALLOWS those things.
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