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Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
while she's a teenager and her parents pay her phone bill and her mother has a right to know how she's using her phone, I'm an adult and she has no right to invade my privacy.
I don't blame you at all for that, I certainly didn't meant to imply it's "proper" for teens to snoop through our stuff... just inevitable If I ever have anything on my phone that I don't want someone to see, I delete it.

Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
We all talked to her about feeling insulted by her assumption- that her suspicion implied she thought her mom was so blind, deaf and stupid that her husband and her roommate could be sneaking around right under her nose without her figuring out, that her stepdad was cheating on her mom, and that I'm a slut/whore/backstabbing bitch.
But it's ok for you to assume that the daughter is so blind, deaf and stupid not to notice that her dad is sleeping with the housemate? Perhaps that was why she was snooping through your phone in the first place, to find out for sure. Teenagers are sex-crazed with heightened senses of sexual and romantic exchanges.

These are all reasons why it's so much easier to just be honest in the first place. Seems a little audacious for you grown-ups to be offended by her reaction when she caught you in a lie. What about the feelings of the teenager, who just found out that some of the most important people in her life have been lying to her for months?

You all lied to her, and now you're insulted that she believed you? hmmm...
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