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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Yeah, we already attend the Polytampa meetings......But it seems that we...are...somehow...different form the others who attend. Does that make sense? Plus, the meetings are more of a discussion type meeting and not really a place to "meet new people" with the intent of starting a possible relationship with...Of course, I suppose it's much like when I was single....I didn't go anywhere special to meet my wife either. LOL
Have you ever tried just meeting people ...most of my connections are made because I am a flirt and very talkative. Be honest about where you are coming from and how your relationship works. Poly, I find, is difficult to explain, so you meet need to find something you are comfortable with.

Maybe join a club or hobby group that can introduce you to like minded people outside of just poly groups.

You have asked a question that everyone asks. I believe it was tacit who said "surround yourself by the people you are trying to meet"...I surround myself with women and just hope a connection occurs.

hope that makes sense.
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