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Thanks YouAreHere, it's good to hear from someone with the competitive problem that I have. You seem to have adapted a strategy that works well for you, that's awesome. I'm aiming to get where you're at with being comfortable not knowing certain details and understanding that I provide a valuable connection that stands on its own. I've been feeling a bit of my strength coming back in the past 24 hours. My shields were really knocked down by not only discovering the information about my metamour's sexual performance, but other events in my personal life. Interesting how if you're hit with something during a moment of weakness, your emotional and spiritual zen can dissolve and bring you back to cave-man level for a bit

I feel sort of embarrassed that this is an issue. I mean, talk about first-world problems. "Boo-hoo, one of my two girlfriends who both love me dearly might be getting some more energetic sex than I can provide." It's helpful to remind myself that there are people out there who feel lucky to have a bag of rice to feed their family, while I gripe about my concerns over sexual inadequacy. It's a great thing to have the love of 2 people, my health, and everything I need to live comfortably.

Gratitude... it always helps.
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