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Default Hi everybody!

Iím a 30 year old female, living in Germany. Iíve been monogamous my entire life but I canít say that I am programmed this way. When my husband asked me to marry him, everyone around me was getting divorced, mostly because of communication issues and cheating situations. That's when I found out about polyamory. There was suddenly a new perspective on relationships, one that none of us knew about. My husband is monogamous and we did marry eventually but it was the openness of multiple loves that helped me approach my own relationship with more generosity. I know that whatever I do is my choice and I try to be open with my partner as well as with myself. My interest in polyamory is still alive and Iím exploring it in my profession. Iím a film director, currently preparing a feature documentary about this. I hope to find people that want to share their emotional story with the rest of us.
Thanks all for sharing your thoughts.
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