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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
All it will take is one parent to wage a public campaign against you and you could lose everything.
Anything is possible. I believe this possible with pickle's work, but unlikely at my own school. I have my students for 4th-6th grade, and both they and their parents (as a whole) love me quite a lot. This goes for past and present students. I think for every family that would go up in arms against me for what I do in my private life (because it has zero impact on my work), there are many who would support me. As I said, my school in particular is pretty accepting of differences. My students also know both Lamb and Pickle because they come volunteer and visit throughout the year - they love them too. (They only know Lamb as my best friend and roommate.) Having parents go after me has crossed my mind, and I feel like it would probably be more trouble than it's worth to be actively out because I don't want to deal with negative parent interactions or parents requesting their child be moved from my room causing trouble for our school. I wouldn't make a habit of discussing my personal life with students as a whole, but I also don't worry too much if people deduce the situation. I don't think many parents would be likely to ask for confirmation of my personal situation anyway.

I wish this didn't even have to be something I've had to consider, but LovingRadience is right about Alaska. While conservative, right to privacy is a big deal here.
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