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What we desire in our relationship is a triad. For a time we had a live-in triad and it worked out wonderfully until the other woman decided she needed the white picket fence and wanted to try for a "normal" relationship, we are all still friends. We have since then had one other triad and although the other woman decided to stay living apart from us, she wanted to appear "normal" to her very religious mother, she and her children were very big part of our daily lives as we and ours were to hers. We are hoping to find that one other woman who is capable of giving me the companionship I so crave as well as being able to love both myself and my husband who I am willing to share with the right one should she come along. Should the right woman come along I would love it if she would be a live in sister wife and would be an everyday part of our lives, I even have a priestess who is willing to do a marriage ceremony for me should I find my hearts desire.
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