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Had a first date tonight with a guy off OKC that I'll call M. I think it went pretty well. I'm interested in seeing him again, we'll see if he feels the same way. I do enjoy getting to know new people.

I have a date with G on Thursday. Pretty excited for that. I'm feeling huge amounts of lust for him. We've been dating almost three months and while we've had some intense make out sessions, haven't had sex yet. I have never waited this long to have sex with someone I am dating before. It's really building up the tension. I think when we finally do sleep together it's going to be pretty explosive.

I have a not-date with A on Saturday. Looking forward to that, too. We have amazing chemistry in bed, and have fun out of bed. Haven't seen him for over a month so really looking forward to reuniting.

Boy, I'm a busy lady!
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