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TL;DR Joe couldn't get the vacation place and when I called the ex to say he was off the hook, the ex said he wasn't planning on taking the kids despite the 2 conversations about it, asking his boss, confirming that he wasn't working that weekend, texting and calling me to confirm. I can plan nothing that depends on him.

Good things:
Prof flew to his trip out of town on Thursday and drove back on Sunday in the camper van! It is in very good condition, Mr. OCD wouldn't buy anything that wasn't he has already fixed the minor issues and found that the A/C needed a new fuse, and is very keen to have a test camp. I said I would find something for the weekend after this, hopefully an RV spot is easier to find than a tent spot.

Minijoe is heading to his mum's on Saturday so Joe and I are planning to spend as much time naked as possible on Saturday and Sunday, with pauses for tea and treats, and maybe a curry.

I saw Kip today. Sex sex sex...tea and treats....more sex. He gave me $300 for summer fun. Quite unexpected and very very generous.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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