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Hi, I am Lylli and I am 22, I am married to my wonderful husband for almost a year now. The idea of being poly has always been something that we jokingly talked about and just recently told the husband that I was done joking and that I needed another to share my love with. We are now in search of the ever elusive unicorn as he is straight and one man is enough for me.

I guess that my first venture in to the poly lovestyle would have been when I was 16. I was involved in a Vee (had no idea it was called that at the time) with my ex and his sister (nothing hinky...we were never together when the other was around)...I was deeply in love with them both and am still friends with them both today.

My husband and I have had a few polyminded friends in the past and currently and I believe that seeing those dynamics work so well helped to convince me that this is what I want. So I am here hoping to find other people that I can talk to and identify with on our journey towards finding our third.

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