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1st off,greetings Ygirl. 2nd thank you recommending the links and threads to me.

My fiance and I are actively looking for partners to enjoy,and should we really enjoy what we taste,and would like to do it more than just the one time, we both discuss it and then set up a meeting so we can both be comfortable with the other person.If one of us is not comfortable with the other it also would be discussed and ultimately the venture would continue no further.

I may have been misinformed but I was under the impression that one aspect of Polyamory dealt with having more than one partner,be it purely sexual or otherwise. If I am correct then that would be the avenue my fiance and I are currently cruising. If not I'll speak more on the matter after gaining insight from the links and threads to which you have so graciously guided me.

Thank you for your reply,as it and all others will be very helpful in the months and years to come.
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