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Default Looking for advise


My wife and I have been married for 10 years. When we first got married we had a mutual girlfriend we were both seeing. She spent many nights over. It ended because I got jealous I think. We have not had another relationship outside our marriage since then. Before we got married I am pretty sure she had multiple relationships at times, and I did also. Then we have been monogamous for probably 9 years.

Then about a week ago she mentions polyamory and says the is a poly family on a forum she visits, and she thinks it is interesting. I didn't really know what that meant so I didn't get into it. Then a few days later she mentions it again and explains more. She said she wanted to read "The ethical slut". So I spent the next few days reading up on Polyamory, and i got her a copy of "the ethical slut". I thought the concept was interesting. So I told her that I read up on it. Then she seemed to get embarrassed. Is she just having a hard time telling me her feelings? How can I bring this up again and make her feel comfortable. I mentioned that I had been jealous in a former tri relationship but that is all gone now. I am almost 30 and I am very comfortable with my self, and my sexuality.

Any advise or thoughts or anything to help me.

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