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A short story - my OSO and I were taking an ecotourism vacation in Mexico, near the border with Belize. We met a wonderful lesbian couple and spent evenings together, solving the problems of the world.

One evening we got into talking about the challenges of being "out" as a lesbian couple in a relatively conservative society (I don't remember where they were from). They said that we probably wouldn't be able to relate to it, though. Up to that point we hadn't mentioned poly, but we brought it up right then. They had never heard of it and joked that we had "out-alternatived" them! There then followed a lot of Q&A about poly. Once the general flow took a pause, the two of them reflected a little and the one said

"Wow, you get to be with two women!"

and the other:

"Yeah, but you've got to be with two women!"

In a lot of ways this sums up a lot of the positives and negatives of my relationship.

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." - Native American Proverb
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