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Thank you for the welcome,Mono. In response to your question, I am all about my fiance,and I truly feel that my focus on her could never wane. Sex is sex,and although there are quite certainly many who would be better in bed (though not at all complaining on that aspect),we have something that elevates so far above just sex. We have what I consider to be a very spiritual love,one powerful enough to snap my mental tethering to Monogamy long enough to step into the realm of Polyamory unflinchingly. If I end up not being comfortable with having sex with another than it just means I'm not yet comfortable,but on the strength of my own venture she would have permission to do the same regardless;afterwards we would remain as we always have. She understands that something like this wouldn't just happen in a flash,and she's willing to wait as long as it takes. I don't feel it will be too long,however,and it's because the trust I have for her. Sorry about the long reply,and the wall of text lol.

By the way, I have yet to mention one other detail: that our ventures are strictly physical pleasure. Not that she isn't satisfied with me,but that we want the kind of "new" that can only come from bedding a newer person.

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