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Susan trusts me more and more. She's become much more vulnerable, and depends on me. Knowing her trust issues makes it a huge responsibility, but one I cherish. She's still stressed out with personal stuff, so I haven't been able to visit, but we have tentative plans to take a vacation together. While we've hinted at it before, she talked specific plans on everything but timing.

One one thing on the Kay front. For the first time ever she put a personal touch on a card for me. She hand made and wrote a wonderful birthday card. She said Stakes "knew about it, but didn't suggest it." I remain curious, but really happy.

Stakes and I are going on a trip together. I worry a bit, but am going to enjoy the weekend. She's a wonderful friend, and I would hate our relationship getting weird. I can only make decisions for myself though. We are very honest with each other, so I trust her judgement.
Me: 41 straight male in a V with
Wife: Kay - mono female - married 18 years
LDR ex? girlfriend: Susan - serial monogamist female - 4 year relationship ended? 9/29
Stakes - very intimate friend
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