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In all honesty I have never had an issue with who do I tell and who do I not, my mother raised my sister and I to never be ashamed of who we are and to stand behind our decisions even if it turns out to be the wrong one. Since it is another woman that we have in our lives I do often get the question "how can you be ok with your husband being with another woman" to which I reply that it isn't him with another woman, it is me...that always shuts them up!!! Considering the fact that out of us 5 girls and 1 boy in my family I am Bi, my twin is in a Lesbian marriage, my baby sister has just figured out she is Bi also and the sister between her and me is also Bi it isn't shocking that my family is ok with any of it!!! We are a very odd but open and open minded bunch! As for the work place, my lifestyle has no bearing on it and my boss knows (he has told me he thinks it is weird but he does ask questions and blushes a lot, he also thinks my husband is lucky to have a wife like me ) As for my co-workers, they met the partner we had when I first took over this store and some of them did ask questions but all were open minded about it though I think that has to do with the fact that I work with a predominantly younger group. Hope this helps some.
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