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The ex flaked last night. Apparently I had completely misunderstood the "will text by 5 at the latest" conversation, what he meant was, not take the kids at all. Amazing how I could misinterpret it so terribly incorrectly.
In in the same conversation I had asked him about taking the kids over 4th of July weekend, I suspect last night was a kind of a payback, or whatever the word is, at any rate I do not doubt that it was deliberate. He managed the kids 8 nights last month, 6 of them were week nights, about the same the month before. No doubt will be crying for 50/50 at this year's mediation again.

I had to cancel Joe, for not the first, second or third time. He was very nice about it. I had already told him that I suspected a flake so to make alternate plans if he wanted to.

I have written in here how much I hate being a second hand flake and I hate that I still get upset even though I know it was what the ex does and I shouldn't be surprised. But I am.
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