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I think Polysaturation has been reached for me. 3 partners/lovers seems to be as much as I can, or want to, deal with.
I have no idea how many lovers either Kip, Joe or Prof has, and I don't really care to ask; Kip would probably spin a line even if I did ask. Prof maybe has 2 infrequent lovers, Ms Admin and Ms Bike. I am 99.9% Joe doesn't have any other and I don't intend to ask.
Each relationship is entirely independent of the others, took me a while to work out that is the best for me and for them. I am not lying but I am not giving details about anyone else and they seem to have put that together and don't ask much anymore. Prof has asked a few times about my "friend" and Kip wants sex details.
I have asked them all not to leave any marks on me, I don't care to explain how or whom left what on where This might be a challenge cause I like the bites and scratches. I have respected Kip and Prof's request over the past 2 years, to not to leave any marks, so I think they can do the same for me now. They all profess to not be jealous but they all point the marks out, so best to remove that conversation starter. Plus it is bikini season!
Me: mid 40s female.
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