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Hey there, seems like I tend to check in during the holidays ... I hope everyone is fine.

We sure are We moved into our new home a week ago (officially) and started renovating as much as possible during the week before our deadline. Still a bit of chaos around us, but things getting in the right order quite smoothly by now. The only room that is still not done yet is the study. I hope it will be ready next week, because my stuff is piling up quite a bit. I need my desk ^.^

It's so great to live here ... I love it already and I am looking forward to decorating everything and working on the comfy little home I will definitely need when the twins are with us.

Speaking of which, they are doing great as well. Week of pregnancy 30 by now and my belly is getting huge. According to my perception at least. Not as big, as some seem to expect, but I never have been pregnant, that's why I tend to be overwhelmed by all that change. But mostly I am curious to meet those two little strangers finally.

Sward and Lin are doing as much as they can to work on our new home, to take care of me (us, when taking the two little ones into account) and are as happy as I am that we really pulled this off. Our own home ... there is always some pressure mixed into this concept of thought but we are in for that challange for sure

Lin's parents are with us over Whitsun and to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday. Great that they made it and Lin is so happy to see his parents again, as the last time was over a year ago. Maybe we will manage a meetup with my parents for coffee and cake, we will see.

Wishing you all the best.
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