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Hello everyone. I'm a swf and have tried different types of relationships. I have had the one sided monogamous, been in a relationship with 2 men, relationship where I was the new 3rd party. There are so many terms for everything it makes my head spin. Out of the different arrangements, I enjoyed was happiest and more fulfilled having an open relationship with 2 others. It wasn't really all about sex and we took care of each other. It is a subject that doesn't seem really acceptable to discuss in the real world and seem to keep my views primarily to myself. I feel you can have very successful relationship being "non-monogamous" or polyamorous if everyone is on the same page and communicates. I'm not sure what I hope to gain or meet others in my area. Eventually, for myself personally, I would like to be in a cohabiting, functioning, and committed polyamorous relationship. I also stand firm that there is a big difference dating someone who is with someone else and not open to the other partner (this monogamous cheater) and dating someone who is ok with expanding their relationship to include a 3rd person. (I typed this on my phone so please excuse any missed grammatical errors)

The relationship that was the most interesting: I was seeing 2 men who knew about each other... Each guy was also dating another woman. My 1 guy wanted to meet the other, other said no. I met 1 woman but not the other. This lasted a yr. None of us lived together. I absolved both partnerships for specific reason. Found out one woman actually didn't consent to the relationship which was not part of the rules. The female partner of other man grew crazy jealous and she started stalking me. That guy accused me of being jealous when I addressed the problem with him. Both proving they were not the right partners for me.

I'm glad I found a place I can be open, honest, and finally being able to discuss everything with

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