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Camper #1 didn't work out, but Prof is still working on it.
He is very enthusiastic about taking a few trips with me and the kids and a few adult only trips. We will see, it is starting to look a little like much enthusiasm but a challenge to get a reasonably priced van. Apparently 2 dealerships in the state buy them up, do some work and sell them for much higher than the Blue Book Value. Prof has started looking out of state too.

I have seen Kip twice since he returned from his holiday. Things are very good there, sex is still amazing and toe curling. The first meeting was funny, lots of " I love this and I love that about you. I missed you." But no outright, I love you. We are so alike in that regard.

Prof is doing ok, he is out of town visiting his son for the weekend and will back on Sunday after another memorial for Ms Text.
Things are different there, in communication if nothing else. I am now the recipient of "here's my schedule for the week" and I'll text you when I land" and" text you on my way back." Much higher frequency of chit chat texts too. I am also being trusted to store a few very high value items for him while the business is changing locations. I know he didn't ask anyone else to do it. Interesting.

Camping with Joe and Minijoe was fun. I got there first with my 2 kids and was got my carefully researched tent set up, it was a snap. Joe arrived minus the poles for his tent and no flash lights. While we were setting up a camp a woman with a baby stopped to say... she had noticed me with the kids and wondered how I was going manage alone, but now she sees that I have a "helper" so she will not be concerned any longer. I was stunned. The implication was that now there is a man with me, that I will be fine. Joe thought it was hysterically funny, that the woman thought it was me that needed help when he was the one who had forgotten his tent poles. He gave me a lot of "helpless pretty lady" lines. He ended up sleeping in his car and minijoe came in the tent with me and my kids. I think we could have squeezed him in there too but he said no. 6 person tent really equals 4 plus some bags.
It was good that we had a practice. My kids were very well behaved and showed no signs of wandering off, this was my concern last year. And Joe realized that his days of sleeping on anything less than a queen size air mattress are over.
I am looking forward to the 5 days with the kids and Prof in July. We might get another short trip in but summer is already looking pretty busy.
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