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Interesting about "It seems normal....The fact that it feels normal is weirding me out."

The first time I went to meet my GF's husband I was thinking, "I'm not even nervous. I ought to be nervous, this is weird."

But the whole dinner with the two of them felt completely normal. Why shouldn't it feel normal? There was no dishonesty, no one was doing anything they didn't want to do. And the food was really good, so was the conversation, and the companionship was first-rate...

So maybe the "weirdness" is actually an intellectual abstraction -- I think in the abstract that I should be appalled/revolted/made jealous by this because that's what is culturally normal. But my emotions aren't really feeling that at all. Because in my case the cultural programming DOES NOT APPLY.

So, SimpleSimian, if it truly does not apply -- or, rather, if you find that your emotions aren't in step with what the monogamous culture tells you that you're supposed to feel -- then I would say, great! Don't worry about it.

You're not weird; the cultural indoctrination is weird.

Take care, man.

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