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Had a wonderful date night with G tonight. We had a nice dinner, took a walk in the beautiful sunshine, and had some great conversation (and yummy good night kisses!). We talked again about safe sex practices, STI exposure, and testing. He told me that he is planning to get tested again in the next month when he can arrange it, since his last testing was in December, and he'd like to get tested before we become sexually intimate. I think that's very sweet and considerate - I know there are still folks who seem offended, for some reason, by the idea of testing. I was last tested in March and will get tested again in September.

I'm excited about having sex with G. This is the longest I've gone in a relationship without getting physical. The anticipation is really building up. We have great chemistry when we make out, I can't wait to see how that translates in other things.

I am seeing T on Friday night. I'm looking forward to that. Things have always been simple with him - we both know we aren't dating, I am aware he doesn't want another dating relationship, but we have a good time hanging out as friends, and also have great chemistry. I've been in a bit of a sexual drought lately so I am looking forward to some simple, drama-free intimacy!
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