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Reporting in. Haven't had internet access, and won't at home until Wednesday.

Picked her up the next morning, no awkwardness, and I'm dealing with this really well.

Had lots of questions, and her openness and up-front-ness helped me chill a lot.

We even had him over for breakfast this morning and hung out with him all day at the new place before my wife had to work. This isn't so bad. I'm confused at her taste in men right now, but whatever, love is love, it's not logical. I have a few fleeting moments every now and then of self-doubt or withdrawal from the situation, but I'm talking through them and working them out and this is pretty ok.

I might even be able to be his friend. More likely just to be on nice social terms, I don't think I would have been best friends with him if I just met him on my own. I'm very certainly going to do my best at that, though, for all our sake. He's way more uncomfortable with the situation than I am, but I've had time, this is new to him. She did have the talk(s) with him. Several times. He's confused that I would consent to this, and he feels kinda awkward/bad/"sleazy" (his own choice of adjective to her), but she and I think this could work out. Not going to push it too much (her decision), because she's starting to chill out too.

Awesome. Done updating for now.

Thanks for reading.

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