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Over a year since I posted and so much has happened.

Last year I dated/fwb with a lot of people casually for several months until I got involved in a triad with A and B. We were together for about 8.5 months before B told me she wasn't comfortable continuing to date me since she realized I was not the "exception" to her heterosexuality. It only took two more weeks for A to tell me he was no longer comfortable calling what we had a "relationship", even a secondary one, due to the distance and scheduling issues (we live 3 hrs apart). As the two of them were involved for 2.5 years before I started dating them, I was expecting him to break up with me after she did. They are a package deal. So after being happily (if sometimes rockily) involved with two primaries for 9 months, I find myself as my own primary again.

There is a man, G, I have been dating the past two months. We are taking things very slowly, and I enjoy our time together. He already has a primary and has made it clear he's not looking for another. So we will see how that progresses.

I've been very casually dating a woman named K. I know she, too, isn't looking for anything serious, but I enjoy seeing her.

I am still "fwb" (I really, really hate that term) with A and B, as well as someone I was seeing before my triad began, T.

I have lots of companionship between people I am dating, fwb, friends, etc... but I really long for a primary relationship. But I am getting used to the idea that it just might not be in the cards. I can find lots of people who want to sleep with me, lots of people who will go out on dates with me, but no one who really wants to be "serious". Even with my now-broken triad, I spent the first few months awash in NRE but in the back of mind wondering if they'd still want me when the NRE wore off and the "work" began (yeah, it went how I expected lol).

We'll see what changes this year continues to bring. Right now I am a little sad, a little happy, and trying to be content with my situation.
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